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Posted: 22 October 2021 | | No comments yet

USDA promises to get tough on Salmonella and UK food price hikes described as “terrifying” in this week’s top headlines.

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Our top story comes from the US Department of Agriculture, which has announced a stronger, more comprehensive effort to tackle Salmonella. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack admitted that too many Americans become ill as a result of Salmonella-infected poultry, and has therefore announced a review of current control measures to prevent infection through the bacteria.

Meanwhile, food price increases in the UK have been described as “terrifying” by Food and Drink Federation Chief Executive Ian Wright. Retailers, manufacturers and hospitality businesses are all dealing with increased costs which could very soon be passed on to consumers.  With energy prices on the up too, fears over the cost of living are beginning to mount in the UK.

Lastly, animal rights groups have written to Zac Goldsmith, Minister of State for the Environment, urging the Government to properly enforce laws that prevent chickens being handled by their legs before slaughter. The Humane League says this method of handling causes unnecessary pain and distress for chickens.

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