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Issue 6 2016


Confectionery supplement

13 December 2016 | By

In this supplement: filling oils in chocolates; Big Bear sweet makers; 3D printed sweets; cocoa butter crystallinity; chocolate cultivation and manufacturing; and ProSweets 2017 show preview...

Regulation: How Brexit is shaping up

13 December 2016 | By Jerry Houseago

Jerry Houseago, Consulting Director at NSF International EMEA details what Brexit might mean and what is already happening to the food industry in the UK...

The role of dietary fibre in gluten-free bakery products

13 December 2016 | By Clara Talens; Saioa Alvarez-Sabatel; Yolanda Ríos, AZTI

The market for gluten-free products that are nutritious and palatable is growing exponentially as more people are choosing a gluten-free diet out of necessity or personal preference...

Sensory optimised salt and fat reduction in processed meats: technological approaches for creating novel product formulations

9 December 2016 | By ,

Excess intake of fat is linked to obesity as well as the concurrent civilisation associated diseases that can also occur with being overweight. Dietary sodium has also been linked to hypertension in about 20% of the population, consequently increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Processed meat products are major…

Edible food coatings – just a trend or the future?

9 April 2016 | By ,

Why throw away the packaging? Let’s eat it! Food packaging development has undergone a research renaissance. Edible films and coatings that are directly consumed with the food are now in the service of modern food preservation systems, as a result of the lifestyle changes of consumers. The imagined scenario involves,…