3D printed sweets: the ultimate in personalised confectionery

Customisation in confectionery has long been a growing trend and Katjes Magic Candy Factory has set an unprecedented standard, through the creation of the world’s first food-certified 3D printer for gelatine-free gummy candy.

3D sweets

The pioneering company allows customers to operate state-of-the-art technology in three simple steps, to create something totally unique to them. Magic makers can choose from the options of printing a 3D shape; writing a name or message; or drawing something or even making a gummy selfie! They then choose one of eight delicious, vegan flavours and either a magic glitter, sour or fizzy dust as their topping. Each print takes less than five minutes, meaning customers can watch their creation come to life right before their eyes.

The all-natural candy is suitable for almost anyone, as they are completely free from gelatine, nuts, gluten, dairy and soya as well as being Halal and Kosher friendly. Customers can choose from eight natural, vegan flavours: Sublime Strawberry, Elegant Elderberry, Ripe Raspberry, Beautiful Blackcurrant, Marvellous Mango, Tasty Tropical Blue, Gorgeous Green Apple and Luscious Lemon. The ingredients were developed by confectionery experts Katjes and are a special combination that allows them to be 3D printed and dry in seconds, which is much faster than factory manufactured candy which takes several hours to dry. The candy is also unique in a majority of markets as they contain absolutely no animal extracts and are made from real fruit and vegetables instead.

3D sweets being printed

Each print takes less than five minutes, meaning customers can watch their creation come to life right before their eyes.

The brains, drive and inspiration behind this magical creation is award winning entrepreneur Melissa Snover. Having already established herself within the confectionery industry with her hugely successful vegetarian brand Goody Good Stuff, Melissa took on a new challenge to combine quality, vegan sweets with state of the art technology. Her vision was to inspire the masses to engage in what is normally considered to be specialist technology, and create something as creative and unique as it is delicious.

The magic of Katjes Magic Candy Factory would also not be possible without the pioneering software professionals Sur 3D, founded in 2013 by Uruguayan Software Engineer Alejandro Lozdziejski. They share the same vision as KMCF to make 3D printing as easy and friendly to use as possible. The software they exclusively developed for KMCF hides all its complexity and complications so that the end user is faced with a simple and enjoyable process that anyone from children to grandparents can experience. The hardware is manufactured by Californian based 3D printing legends Printrbot (who have no ceased operation), who designed the 3D printers to look beautiful and natural to fit in with the branding of KMCF. Again, their aim is to make the printers as user friendly as possible so that the magic can be enjoyed by anyone from any culture and country.

Always innovating and finding new ways to engage with their audience, Katjes Magic Candy Factory can now exclusively reveal their ‘Magical Mix and Make’. The rainbow combination of veggie and vegan natural candy is as eye pleasing as it is delicious. Launching in the UK and USA for the first time this Christmas, it gives customers the chance to select premium, natural sweets and customise them with beautiful jars and labels.

The full offer in the concept is Halal and Kosher friendly and a majority are free from nuts, dairy and gluten. Magical Mix and Make comes as a real treat to vegetarians and vegans who often struggle to find good quality, tasty confectionery which is suitable for them. It will also come as a relief to many mums who experience difficulties finding sweets that are safe for their children’s dietary requirements.

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