Confectionery supplement

Posted: 13 December 2016 | | 1 comment

In this supplement: filling oils in chocolates; Big Bear sweet makers; 3D printed sweets; cocoa butter crystallinity; chocolate cultivation and manufacturing; and ProSweets 2017 show preview…

Confectionery in depth focus
  • Proof and quantification of filling oils in chocolates from enrobers
    Isabell Rothkopf, Wolfgang Danzl, Gottfried Ziegleder, Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV
  • Big Bear – heritage sweet-making specialist
    Ross Stanley, Head of Trade Marketing at Big Bear Confectionery
  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT: 3D printed sweets
    Caitlin Richards, Media Magician, Katjes Magic Candy Factory
  • An overview of the crystallinity of cocoa butter
    Charlotte Levy, Research Student, University of Plymouth
  • Cocoa cultivation and manufacture of chocolates – a long tradition in Brazil
    Ivan Blumenschein, Product Manager, Nugali Chocolates
  • ProSweets Cologne 2017
    Show Preview

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  1. Very interesting subject, thanks for posting.

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