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Nestlé Health Science on FODMAPs and

27 April 2016 | By Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Barbara McCartney, Regional Business Head for the Nestlé Health Science Consumer Care Business in North America, talks to New Food about FODMAPs and Nestlé Health Science's new web resource,

Issue #2 2016 – Digital version

26 April 2016 | By

In this issue: Pesticide Residues; Refrigeration; Health & Nutrition; Extrusion; Optical Sorting; Meat Processing; Automation; Sustainability; Regulation; and much more...

Meat Processing supplement 2016

26 April 2016 | By New Food

Applying lean thinking to meat processing; How to accomplish a representative sampling; The science of meat fraud...

Health & Nutrition supplement 2016

26 April 2016 | By New Food

The science of turmeric; The booming industry of sports supplements; Health & nutrition roundtable; Vitafoods Europe show preview; NSF certifications for dietary supplements and sports products.

Pesticide Residue: The impact of regulatory changes on lab testing

26 April 2016 | By Torsten Pöppelbaum, Scientific Expert, NSF

The last 50 years have seen a marked increase in consumer awareness and concern about the quality and safety of food, including the effects of pesticides used in crop production and home gardens. Fortunately, analytical test methods have also progressed. Analysis has advanced from needing several days to semi-quantitatively measure…

Refrigeration: A deep dive into the deep freeze

26 April 2016 | By Ruud van der Sman, Food & Biobased Research, Wageningen University & Research Centre (UR)

Freezing is an important means for food preservation as, with this technology, long term storage of high quality foods is possible. To achieve high food quality the freezing rate is an important parameter, determining ice crystal size and shape and also the mechanical stresses imparted to the food. For foods…

Extrusion: Pasta the traditional way

26 April 2016 | By Pat Higgins, Head of Business Development, the Queally Group

In 1996 we were asked by an existing customer to supply their frozen pasta range to their operations in the UK and EU. We appointed a dedicated team to research pasta manufacturing, raw material and ingredient sourcing, product attributes and – most importantly – the market for pasta products.

Foreign Body Detection: Transparency in the food and beverage industry

26 April 2016 | By Stephanie Anthony, Commissioning Editor, New Food

Contamination can be a huge issue for food and beverage manufacturers, making foreign body detection systems extremely important – to save face and maintain customers’ trust. This year alone large companies such as Nestlé and Mars have had recalls after products were found to be/ potentially contaminated with glass pieces…

Acceptance of innovative automatic equipment in the postharvest and food industry

26 April 2016 | By Idoia Olabarrieta, Senior Researcher, Food Research Division, AZTI-Tecnalia / Izaskun Pérez, Senior Researcher, Food Research Division, AZTI-Tecnalia / Raquel Rodríguez, Food Researcher, Food Research Division, AZTI-Tecnalia / Jaime Zufía, Head of the Efficiency and Sustainability Department, AZTI

PICKNPACK1 is a large collaborative project granted by the EU within the 7th Frame programme, with the aim of boosting the development and implementation of innovative automatic systems in food industry. In order to find strategic approaches for facilitating greater deployment of new flexible and autonomous robots, sensors and packaging…

Regulation: Food for animal feed should not be classified as waste

26 April 2016 | By Paul Featherstone, Group Director, SugaRich

It is estimated that grocery waste at the manufacturing and retail levels amounts to 6.5 million tonnes (Mt.) annually. Food manufacturers are taking steps to reduce this waste and linear resource use (produce – use – throw) is becoming passé. Now the concept of the circular economy is gaining momentum,…

The science of turmeric

26 April 2016 | By Katie Pand, Senior Herbal Advisor, Pukka Herbs

Turmeric is making waves at the moment and is fast becoming the remedy of choice for inflammation, pain relief, digestive disorders and much more...

Organic growth for clean label

21 April 2016 | By Innova Market Insights

It is five years since Innova Market Insights identified interest in clean label options as one of its Top Trends and despite concerns over its definition, the growth in products marketed on a clean label platform has continued relatively unabated...

Lucozade Zero: Our Thoughts

18 April 2016 | By New Food

Straight off the production line, today New Food were sent a sample of new Lucozade Zero.