New Food Issue 2 2019

Posted: 15 April 2019 | | 2 comments

Issue 2 2019 of New Food is available to read online, featuring stories on curing bacon without nitrates, 2 Sisters’ Group Technical Director and naturals in food.

Innovation is key to success within our world, with food consumers hungry for new experiences, albeit within the boundaries of safety, sustainability and, increasingly, ethical traceability. We take a look at some of the latest developments within this issue of New Food.

Issues driving the phenomenal growth of the plant-based food sector include a need to protect the planet and avoid animal cruelty. One company that believes it is meeting both these goals – and plenty more besides – is SENS, which is rearing hundreds of thousands of crickets to turn into protein-rich flour in its factory in Thailand. Company founder Radek Hušek charts the business’s journey to market.

Health concerns are another factor driving today’s consumer and Denis Lynn of Finnebrough in Northern Ireland is acutely aware of concerns regarding the links between processed meat and cancer. We look at his quest to produce nitrate-free bacon.

Sometimes change isn’t about new product development, it’s about a change of attitude. In the summer of 2018, over two thousand laboratory-confirmed cases of cyclosporiasis in the US were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with at least 160 people hospitalised. Yet, despite the damage they can do, research into such parasites and the devastation they can cause remains a neglected area, says Professor Lucy Robertson, Chair of a COST Action on foodborne parasites.

We have more analysis in our features on the facts, myths and perceptions surrounding natural ingredients, the need for a circular food chain and the power of cinnamon. Meanwhile, the hot topic of food fraud and its implications for businesses is examined via Tomi Helin’s article exploring the difference between bilberries and blueberries. Further articles looking at meat – with a timely Q&A with 2 Sisters Food Group’s Helen Sisson – food safety and processing within our In-Depth Focus sections complete the picture. Plus we have key event dates within the global food diary and round-ups of our latest webinars to explore, too.

Included in this edition:

    Gillian Haythornthwaite, Head of Policy, the Association of Labour Providers
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Protein of the future
    Radek Hušek, SEN
  • FOOD FRAUD: When is a bilberry not a bilberry? 
    Tomi Helin, Valio
  • INGREDIENTS: The power of Ceylon cinnamon
    Hasitha Priyashantha, et al, SLU Sweden
  • FOOD SAFETY: Challenging issues for vegan and vegetarian food manufacturers
    Jessica Sage, RSSL
  • MEAT: Making the dream a reality
    Denis Lynn, Finnebrogue Artisan
  • PROCESSING: A circular pathway for the food supply chain
    Manoj Dora, Brunel University
    Tez Padhee, University of California San Diego

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    Is it possible to get a pdf of recent couple of issues?


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