Issue #3 2016 – Digital version

Posted: 30 June 2016 | | 1 comment

In this issue: Fibre; Spectroscopy; Food Safety; Chocolate; Sensory Science; Ingredients; Food Authenticity; Certification; and much more…

New Food magazine - Issue #3 2016
  • FIBRE: Behind the scenes of dietary fibre labelling
    Muriel Henrion, Research Scientist; Frédéric Robin, Project Manager; Emilie Labat, Purchasing Specification Manager; and Enrico Chavez, Senior Statistician, Nestlé’s Product Technology Centre, Orbe, Switzerland
  • SPECTROSCOPY: Non-destructive monitoring the effects of light exposure on quality deterioration of extra virgin olive oils with fluorescence spectroscopy
    Puneet Mishra, Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher, Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology (CPACT), University of Strathclyde; Lourdes Lleó García, Assistant Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM); Natalia Hernández-Sánchez, Assistant Professor, UPM; Teresa R. Cuadrado Domínguez, PhD student, Facultad de Agronomía y Veterinaria UASLP; and Margarita Ruiz-Altisent, Professor, UPM
    With articles from Dr J. Andrew Hudson, Fera Science Ltd. who talks about the control of bacteria in food; biofilms with Iqra Yasmin, University of Agriculture Faisalabad; and Dirk Nikoleiski from Mondelez International, who looks into Hygienic Design. There is also a roundtable on the same topic on page 35. In addition we have show previews for EHEDG World Congress, FoodTech 2016 and IAFP
    New Food talks to Sophi Tranchell, Managing Director of Divine Chocolate, to discuss sustainability, flavours and the future of the company
  • SENSORY SCIENCE: Comparison of sensory methods
    Michael Bryanton, Research and Development Chef, Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, The Culinary Institute of Canada
    Guillermo E. Napolitano, Nestlé Development Centre, discusses functional lipids; Tony Reeves, PlanetHemp, tells us more about hemp as an ingredient and superfood; and Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart, Food and Flavour Scientist explains the science of flavour and her work with Ryvita. There is also a show preview for IFT
    The gaps in current research in food authenticity and its impact on the supply chain
  • CERTIFICATION: NF Validation mark by AFNOR Certification
    Stéphanie Sammartano, Senior Certification Engineer, NF Validation Certification Manager (AFNOR Certification)

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  1. Takuo says:

    I want to meet much information about ingredients for functional food.

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