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Issue 3 2016



Optimise your allergen control with colour coding

18 June 2019 | By

Allergen management is vital in any food business, but optimal functioning requires it to be seamlessly integrated into a site’s overall food safety management system. Potential consequences of ignoring this, or getting it wrong, range from causing a consumer discomfort to causing their death. Deb Smith, global hygiene specialist, explains…


Food Safety supplement 2016

30 June 2016 | By New Food

In our Food Safety supplement: Phages and the control of bacteria in food; Biofilms - formation and control strategies for the dairy industry; Hygienic Design – how to comply with it from a food manufacturer’s perspective? And much more...


Ingredients supplement 2016

30 June 2016 | By New Food

In this Ingredients supplement: Functional lipids in beverage products; Hemp – superfood; The science of flavour; IFT 2016 show preview...


Product Review: Simple and direct sodium determination

30 June 2016 | By

Sodium determination is becoming ever more important for the food industry. Conventional sodium testing methods demand complicated sample preparation, complex instrumental setup, as well as knowledge and experience in analytical techniques. METTLER TOLEDO presents a new analytical method dedicated to the simplified, yet highly accurate determination of sodium...


Functional lipids in beverage products

30 June 2016 | By Guillermo E. Napolitano, PhD, Expert Scientist, Nestlé Development Center

The last decade has witnessed an extraordinary surge in the development of beverage products containing healthier oils and nutritionally active lipid ingredients. There has been a significant shift from the use of relatively unhealthy, but chemically stable, fats rich in saturated and trans fatty acids (TFA), to healthy and chemically…


Behind the scenes of dietary fibre labelling

20 June 2016 | By Muriel Henrion, Research Scientist / Frédéric Robin, Project Manager / Emilie Labat, Purchasing Specification Manager / Enrico Chavez, Senior Statistician - all from Nestlé’s Product Technology Center, Orbe, Switzerland

Consumer interest for dietary fibre has markedly grown these past years as a number of studies now link increased fibre intake to reduced risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, digestive health benefits, and weight management. To meet these expectations, product development has drastically expanded in the last five years, enabling…


Non-destructive monitoring the effects of light exposure on quality deterioration of extra virgin olive oils with fluorescence spectroscopy

20 June 2016 | By Puneet Mishra, Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher, Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology (CPACT), University of Strathclyde / Lourdes Lleó García, Assistant Professor & Natalia Hernández-Sánchez, Assistant Professor & Margarita Ruiz-Altisent, Professor, all Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) / Teresa R. Cuadrado Domínguez, PhD student, Facultad de Agronomía y Veterinaria UASLP

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), being an important source of antioxidants and healthy fats, is an economically important product of Mediterranean countries. Since EVOOs can only be produced during a limited period of time annually, in order to maintain its commercial availability throughout the year packaging materials such as glass,…


Comparison of sensory methods

20 June 2016 | By Michael Bryanton, Research and Development Chef, Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, The Culinary Institute of Canada

There are a number of sensory methods to determine with statistical relevance whether or not consumers will notice a difference between a current formulation and a new one. Each sensory method has advantages and disadvantages, including the sensitivity of the method, which determines the number of judges necessary, and the…


NF Validation mark by AFNOR Certification

20 June 2016 | By Stéphanie Sammartano, Senior Certification Engineer, NF Validation Certification Manager (AFNOR Certification)

AFNOR Certification is the leading certification and systems, services, products and competencies assessment body in France and one of the top-ranking leaders worldwide. The AFNOR group's Certification branch handles the two best-known quality marks on the market: AFAQ and NF.


Food for thought: EN ISO 11133:2014

20 June 2016 | By Dr. Andreas Bubert & Barbara Gerten from Merck KGaA

Dr. Andreas Bubert, Senior Global Product Manager for Culture Media Food & Beverage, and Barbara Gerten, Senior Scientist Traditional Microbiology, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany (MilliporeSigma in the USA), discuss the new EN ISO 11133:2014 Quality-assured culture media for food and water testing to enhance consumer safety.