Navigating the canned cocktail revolution

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As canned cocktails emerge as a trend, reshaping beverage consumption with convenience and sustainability, Pimentae shares its journey in this evolving market.

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In the dynamic landscape of the beverage industry, the past five years have witnessed a notable transformation – the rise of canned cocktails. This shift underscores changing consumer preferences, marked by a growing demand for convenience, quality, and sustainability. As a brand turning the dial in this evolving market, my Co-Founder and I have gained valuable insights into the forces driving this revolution and the innovative strategies employed to meet consumer demands.

Pimentae, our tequila cocktail brand, stands as a testament to this shift. Our journey began with a vision to bring the exclusive experience of finely crafted cocktails, typically savoured in member’s clubs, to the comfort of consumers’ homes. Rooted in a commitment to quality and sustainability, our cocktails are crafted from premium tequila and natural ingredients, with a mission to redefine the way consumers enjoy tequila through a range of highly convenient formats. 

Becoming mainstream

The emergence of canned cocktails represents a departure from traditional norms, offering consumers the convenience of pre-mixed, ready-to-drink beverages without compromising on taste or quality. The canned cocktail revolution can be traced back to the early 2010s, with its origins rooted in the broader trend of convenience and experiential consumption. While cocktails in cans have been around for decades, it was during this time that they began to gain traction as a mainstream beverage choice.

Several factors contributed to the rise of canned cocktails. Firstly, there was a growing demand for ready-to-drink options that offered convenience without compromising on quality or taste. Busy lifestyles and an increasing desire for on-the-go experiences prompted consumers to seek out alternatives to traditional cocktails, which often required time-consuming preparation. Their lightweight and portable nature allow consumers to enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

Additionally, canned cocktails have emerged as a beacon of sustainability in the realm of beverages for several reasons. Firstly, their infinitely recyclable nature significantly reduces waste and minimises environmental impact. Secondly, their production and transportation entail a lower carbon footprint compared to bottled alternatives like glass. And what’s more, the design of cans prevents sunlight from infiltrating, ensuring that cocktails retain freshness over time.  


Canned cocktails are recyclable in nature and, according to Parmiter, have a production and transportation process that entails “a lower carbon footprint compared to bottled alternatives like glass”

Advancements in flavour innovation and high abv options have played a crucial role in driving the popularity of canned cocktails, enticing a broader audience to try them for the first time. Brands began to experiment with new flavour combinations and premium ingredients, challenging the notion that canned beverages were inferior or weaker than  their freshly-made counterparts. As a result, consumers became more open to trying canned cocktails as a convenient and enjoyable alternative to traditional mixed drinks.

The rise of social media and digital platforms helped to fuel interest in canned cocktails, with brands leveraging these channels to showcase their products, engage with consumers and collaborate with other brands in a more accessible way than ever. The visual appeal of canned cocktails, combined with their convenience and portability, made them a popular choice for social gatherings and outdoor events and festivals.

The canned cocktail revolution can be seen as a natural evolution of consumer preferences towards convenience, quality, and sustainability. As consumers continue to seek out convenient and innovative beverage options, the market for canned cocktails is likely to continue its growth trajectory, offering consumers a diverse array of premium, ready-to-drink options to enjoy on any occasion.

Creating in a crowded market

At Pimentae, we recognised this burgeoning trend early on and seized the opportunity to innovate within the space. Our ‘Pocket of Paradise’ collection, featuring cocktails like the Spicy Margarita, Tommy’s Margarita and Cucumber Margarita, embodies our commitment to crafting cocktails that offer quality, captivate the senses and provide the convenience consumers crave.

Behind the scenes, the innovation process is a collaborative effort that spans flavour development, ingredient sourcing, and packaging design. Drawing on our expertise and industry insights, we curate each element to ensure it resonates with consumer preferences and stands out in a crowded market. From the selection of premium spirits to the incorporation of natural flavourings and botanicals, every decision is guided by our dedication to quality and authenticity.

As consumer palates become more discerning, there is a growing appetite for unique and more sophisticated flavours in cocktails. This presents an opportunity for brands like Pimentae to experiment with bold flavours and redefine the boundaries of traditional cocktail offerings. Our bestselling Spicy Margarita is the prime example of this. Crafting the perfect chilli extract that offered a delicate balance – delivering depth of flavour with just the right amount of heat, without overpowering the palate. Incorporating a blend of Jalapeno and Scotch Bonnet extracts, this cocktail has garnered widespread acclaim, even among those who typically say they dislike spice. 


Parmiter shares Pimentae has adapted to evolving consumer preferences, as there is now a “growing appetite for unique and more sophisticated flavours in cocktails” Photo Credit: Pimentae

In an age where Instagram-worthy moments reign supreme, consumers are constantly on the lookout for products that not only taste good but also look aesthetically pleasing. Canned cocktails, with their sleek packaging and vibrant branding, have become the perfect accessory for social gatherings and virtual happy hours, allowing consumers to elevate their drinking experiences while sharing them with friends and followers online. Pimentae’s can range is wrapped in bespoke, hand-painted artwork that tells the story of the brand and the cocktails, consumers want more than just a cocktail, they want experience, feeling and brands that align to their values. 

“A cultural shift towards experimental consumption”

It’s also worth recognising the broader industry trends that have contributed to this phenomenon. Over the past five years, we’ve witnessed a cultural shift towards experiential consumption, consumers crave experiences that engage their senses and evoke emotion. At Pimentae, we place a strong emphasis on listening to our customers and gathering feedback to ensure that our products resonate with their needs and desires. Whether it’s introducing new flavours, improving packaging design, or enhancing sustainability initiatives, we are committed to continuously innovating and adapting to meet the changing demands of our consumer. By staying attuned to their preferences and values, we can build a stronger community and deliver experiences that exceed their expectations.

Bacardi: Heritage in every sip

As the market for canned cocktails continues to evolve, it’s essential for brands to remain agile and responsive to changing consumer preferences. This means not only staying ahead of emerging trends but also fostering meaningful connection through authentic storytelling and community engagement. At Pimentae, we understand the importance of building trust and loyalty among our customers, which is why we place a strong emphasis on transparency, sustainability, and community. By aligning our brand values with those of our consumers, we can forge deeper connections and create lasting impact in the market.

The canned cocktail revolution represents more than just a shift in beverage trends – it’s a reflection of changing consumer lifestyles, cultural influences, and sophistication in quality and flavour. As brands like ours continue to innovate and adapt, the future of the market holds endless possibilities, offering consumers a diverse array of premium, ready-to-drink options to suit their tastes and preferences. As we raise our glasses to the next chapter of the canned cocktail revolution, we’re excited to be a part of the opportunities for discovery across such a flourishing market.

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Alice PimentaeAlice Parmiter is the Co Founder of Pimentae. A London girl with a passion for art & travel. Alice spent 3 years at ASOS, specialising in Digital Media across 30 markets and has developed a holistic skillset in Customer Insights, Affiliate Marketing, SEO & Paid Media.An admiration for brands that creatively spark imagination, paired with her love for Mexico and appreciation for the Tequila craft is what inspired this exciting chapter. She believes it’s time to ignite curiosity through products that challenge tradition.

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