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Zoë Ellis discusses Danone’s launch of GetPRO and how its high-protein product offerings have allowed it to become the Official Yoghurt Partner of Team GB for the Paris Olympics 2024.

GetPRO Danone

By Zoë Ellis

Since launching in the UK in September 2023, GetPRO has been making a name for itself in the protein product space. From launching 11 high-protein products including puddings, yoghurts, drinks, and mousses, to its partnership with fitness entrepreneur and media personality Mark Wright, GetPRO has been making strides the protein scene by helping the nation to get more from their workouts.

Championing progress over perfection is how Danone’s newest protein performance brand has positioned itself in the UK, and now it has just announced its partnership with Team GB for the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

With consumer research revealing that 75 percent of Brits don’t understand the potential benefits of protein in achieving their fitness goals, GetPRO wants to both educate, motivate, and demonstrate how protein can help consumers get more from their workouts. In the midst of this busy period establishing the new brand, Danone talks through the evolution of GetPRO, from the launch to its partnerships.

Getting to know GetPRO

In September, Danone UK & Ireland launched GetPRO, a range of high-protein dairy snacks designed for people who want to get more out of their workouts, and enjoy a healthy snack. Containing between 15 – 25 grams of protein per serving, GetPRO’s range of products includes high-protein yoghurts, mousses, puddings, and drinks (both fresh and long life).

As one of the biggest launches from Danone in recent years, GetPRO’s mission is to support people on their fitness journey through consuming products, as well as providing educational and motivational resources to demonstrate the benefits of protein.

The launch follows the announcement of Danone UK & Ireland’s health commitments earlier this year. As part of its commitments, Danone UK & Ireland will ensure that at least 90 percent of products by sales volume will not be high in fat, sugar, or salt (HFSS), according to UK Government regulations, and that it will never produce an HFSS product for children.

Sugar policy: what lies ahead for the food sector

These commitments mark an important step forward for Danone in maintaining a strong, health-focused portfolio. And GetPRO is no exception. The products in the new GetPRO range are high in protein, have no added sugars and are low in or contain no fat, aligning with Danone’s ethos and continued commitment to a healthy and tasty portfolio.

Speaking on the new launch, Tom Hickton, Category Director, Danone UK & Ireland said: “We noticed there was a genuine consumer need for great tasting, high-protein products that could support people on their fitness journey – and GetPRO is here to do just that.

“GetPRO will tap into the ever-growing protein segment in the UK, cementing Danone’s leadership as the number one branded manufacturer in the yoghurt category. With all eleven products high in protein, the launch is supported by a £4M out-of-home and digital marketing campaign that will run into 2024, marking the most significant new product development from Danone in recent years.”

Meanwhile, Zoë-Marie Ellis, Head of Nutrition & Science Communication at Danone UK & Ireland shared: “At Danone, we believe nutrition is about making a positive contribution to health and wellbeing. For anyone working towards their own fitness goals, the GetPRO range is a great post-workout option that delivers on taste and offers a variety of different products to suit their needs.

“These products are packed with protein to help support the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. But the range is not just about health*, each of the products taste great too, helping consumers optimise their nutrition after exercise.”

As each GetPRO snack is high in protein, the brand aims to help consumers get more from their workouts and position itself as a partner to those looking to stay on top of their fitness as we head into the colder months.

Motivating the nation to get more from their workouts

A month on from launch, GetPRO teamed up with fitness entrepreneur and media personality Mark Wright to help the nation ‘get more’ from their workouts as we enter the festive season. The partnership followed research from GetPRO that revealed over a third of Brits (37 percent) were more likely to forgo exercise come October, as their fitness journey stalls.

The research further uncovered that we’re less likely to exercise in the winter months due to staying indoors more (48 percent), pressing the snooze button when it’s cold (45 percent), and darker mornings and evenings (41 percent), so it’s no wonder the nation has a motivation gap.

The launch coincided with research which revealed a whopping three-quarters of Brits (75 percent) don’t understand the potential benefits of protein in helping to achieve their fitness goals.

Tom Hickton said “We are delighted to partner with Mark Wright on the launch of our brand new GetPRO range, providing people with an easy and tasty way to support their workouts as we enter the festive season. Mark embodies the GetPRO attitude as somebody who lives a busy lifestyle but understands the importance of healthy habits.”

But the brand hasn’t stopped there; GetPRO has just been announced as the Official Yoghurt Partner of Team GB, an exciting partnership to support Team GB through their Olympic journey* while inspiring the public to take a step further on their health and fitness journey, wherever that may be.

GetPRO now chosen by Team GB for Paris Olympics 2024

Team GB has named GetPRO as a partner for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. The partnership will see the two brands work together to champion healthy nutrition and raise awareness of the importance of a protein-rich diet to support people through their fitness journey.

Paris London

GetPRO has been named a partner for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 by Team GB.

From February 2024, Team GB will feature on-pack across the range including its yoghurts, mousses, and puddings. And over the course of the next year, GetPRO will be working with Team GB to support their athletes as they prepare to compete at the Paris 2024 Games next summer.

About the author

Zoë Ellis is a registered Nutritionist with a passion for bringing health through food to as many people as possible. At Danone, Zoe is the Head of Nutrition & Science Communication where she leads a team of nutrition experts to develop scientific communication, support the development of nutritional products and employee nutrition education.  Zoë has a BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition from London Metropolitan University and an MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition from University College London. She has almost 15 years’ experience working both within industry and the NHS, and is a member of the Association for Nutrition.