Whitepaper: How to Start Your Continuous Improvement Journey

Posted: 4 December 2017 | | No comments yet

5 Best Practice Steps…

Discover the five best practice steps food manufacturers take when starting a continuous improvement journey, and how you can easily implement them within your organisation.

With tightening margins and the increasing pressure to get more from existing production and packaging lines, it’s no surprise that terms such as “continuous improvement”, “Kaizen”, “waste reduction” and “OEE” are the latest buzzwords to be heard around food factories and management meetings. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the jargon, metrics and tools, making it easier to carry on as you are. Unsurprisingly, 35% of survey respondents cited “high costs and resource requirements” as barriers to starting a continuous improvement programme.

We’ve helped many manufacturers implement efficiency and productivity measures. Analysis of successful continuous improvement programmes has shown us that it’s critical to get the foundations right when building a performance-based organisational culture. But how do you achieve that, and where do you start?

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