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Brochure: Complete analysis solutions for grain

Posted: 13 July 2020 | | No comments yet

We help the grain industry feed the world nutritiously and economically by providing analysis for compostion, functionality and safety.

Farmers use our systems to optimize grain drying and know its value prior to delivering to the elevator. Elevators use our instruments for grading to avoid taking in subquality grain, for segregation to obtain optimum value, and for load-out verification. Processors use our solutions to verify incoming grain quality, blending/segregation, in-process monitoring, and quality verification at load out. Additionally, our mycotoxin solutions are used at all stages to help keep dangerous material out of the grain trade and processing streams.Our informatics solutions and OneSource® laboratory services take a one-of-a-kind managed approach, utilizing a powerful, interwoven suite of solutions including analytics, compliance, laboratory computing , scientific lab support, asset management, lab relocation, and other services.


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