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Insect Protein



In-Depth Focus: Alternative Proteins

10 June 2024 | By

The Alternative Proteins In-Depth Focus in New Food Issue 1 2024 features articles from THIS™, Globe Buddy and TurtleTree, sharing their insight into the different areas of alternative protein and discuss how they are innovating to offer consumers a range of alternatives that are more sustainable yet deliver the same…


New Food Issue 1 2024

4 June 2024 | By

In the first 2024 print issue of New Food, we feature exclusive content from leading industry experts and thought leaders discussing: the latest advancements and campaigns that are impacting the food safety sector; the importance of quality ingredients that offer the consumer the best possible eating experience, without compromising in…


Episode 36: Would you eat an insect?

10 February 2023 | By

New Food's Joshua Minchin and Grace Galler speak to Dr Jessica Danaher about using insects as a source of alternative protein and why it could be a sustainable solution for our protein demands.


Mealworm seasoning, sir?

24 August 2022 | By

Insects are beginning to become more accepted as a food source, but researchers from South Korea are taking things a step further in a bid to integrate insect protein even further in our diet.


Episode 25 – Emerging allergens

20 May 2022 | By

The New Food team get the lowdown on new allergens that might emerge as we strive to create a more innovative and sustainable food sector. Hear from two leading allergen experts and the usual trio of Bethan, Abi, and Josh.


Let’s go ento!

29 April 2022 | By

Insects are about to become part of our western everyday meals. Here, Iwan Tamm from plant- and insect-based pet food brand Percuro tells how our furry friends are taking the lead.