In-Depth Focus: Alternative Proteins

The Alternative Proteins In-Depth Focus in New Food Issue 1 2024 features articles from THIS™, Globe Buddy and TurtleTree, sharing their insight into the different areas of alternative protein and discuss how they are innovating to offer consumers a range of alternatives that are more sustainable yet deliver the same nutritional levels as traditional proteins.

Included in this Alternative Proteins In-Depth Focus, which was first published in Issue 1 2024 of New Food:

This is the future of plant-based protein innovation

In the ever-prominent plant-based sector, one UK company seeks to set itself apart. Husni Abboushi, Senior Innovation Manager at THIS™, shares the company’s progress in creating products that deserve a space on our plates.

Insect protein will turn the pet food market upside down

Bjarne Gravesen Jensen, CEO at Globe Buddy, one of the new sustainable startups on the European pet food scene, discusses how insect protein is set to be a game changer for the market.

Transforming dairy: The future of milk without the cow

Conscientious consumers are well versed in the necessity to curb their consumption of dairy, but questions remain on the nutrition front. Here, Vanessa Castagna from precision fermentation company TurtleTree shares how technological innovation is bridging the nutrient gap.  

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