Episode 29 – Food price inflation and cost of living

Posted: 9 September 2022 | | No comments yet

The New Food Podcast calls on two experts, Professor Chris Elliott and Dr Richard Volpe, to discuss why inflation is affecting food prices so brutally across the globe, and what food safety concerns might arise as a result.

As food prices continue to rise around the world, we ask what impact this will have on consumers – both in terms of food security and food safety. 

But how did we find ourselves in this situation? What are the main causes of rocketing food prices and what can be done to bring them down again? And will our food security and food safety be affected as a result?

To answer these incredibly difficult questions, we’ve called on two of the food industry’s foremost experts: Professor Chris Elliott and Dr Richard Volpe. 

Feeding America calls for industry action with food bank usage up

Listen in for their expert analysis and the usual discussion from our editorial team, Bethan Grylls and Joshua Minchin. 

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