Episode 22 – Luxury products

Posted: 4 March 2022 | | No comments yet

The New Food editorial team get the lowdown on the luxury food and beverage sector and ask why consumers continue to buy luxury despite times getting harder. Brought to you by Centric Software.

The New Food editorial team and Centric Software bring you the latest episode of Food to Go, which takes a deep dive into the world of luxury products. 

We ask why consumers continue to buy luxury products despite times getting tougher for many, and what those consumers expect from those treats that cost more than budget-friendly competitors. 

Cara Chambers from InverHouse, a luxury spirits manufacturer, talks single malt whisky and its experience in leading the way when it comes to traceability within the luxury sector, while Paul Morris of Luker (a luxury chocolate manufacturer) explains what consumers demand when they go luxury. 

There’s also fascinating insight from Christophe Therrey of Centric Software, which works with several large luxury manufacturers, on what is driving the sector and the sustainability considerations that many companies are grappling with at present. 

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