Morrisons searches for local food makers for its supply chain

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Morrisons are looking for local food producers in the UK to promote in their stores by selling their locally produced and made products…


Morrisons continues its search for a new wave of local food makers to provide locally produced food to its customers.  

The Nation’s Local Foodmakers’ campaign aims to recruit new suppliers from across England, Scotland and Wales. It has already seen 153 local suppliers working with Morrisons since it started in 2017.

Morrisons has a priority of sourcing more local food and is keen to reduce the distance that food travels. The Local Foodmaker search will result in more customers being able to buy more food in a British supermarket that was grown, made, picked or packaged around 35 miles of their local store.

The new search will help Morrisons offer more local, British produce to customers. A 2018 report by DEFRA states that 60 percent of shoppers agree that they try to buy British food whenever they can, and 76 percent agree it is important to support British farmers.

Suppliers are being invited to apply to work with Morrisons via their website.

Selected applicants will be invited to an event in their region where they will be able to showcase their food to customers and Morrisons staff, including Morrisons buyers, who will choose which products will take their place in Morrisons supermarkets. Applicants can apply at any time, and do not have to attend an event.

Morrisons will also be working with local food groups and food hubs, using their knowledge and expertise to source and select the best suppliers in their area.

Andy Atkinson, Group Customer and Marketing Director at Morrisons, said:  “Our customers tell us they like to support local businesses and want to be able to put local products in their shopping trolleys. We have listened and are looking for the next wave of British and local food makers to work with.” 

Morrisons is in a unique position to support British food makers because as well as operating 494 supermarkets, Morrisons is the UK’s largest fresh food maker.

Family owned Murdoch Allan bakery is only seven miles from Morrisons Peterhead store. After attending a Local Foodmaker event, Murdoch Allan is now working with Morrisons.  Morrisons Peterhead store has a full promotional bay of their bakery products, along with Point of Sale.  The bakery’s known and loved product, Butteries, are in a further four Morrisons stores in Aberdeenshire.

Murdoch Allan’s Pie branch, Thaines Bakery, who supply the pies for the Aberdeen football ground, are also now sold in Morrisons Peterhead store. They have since sold around 200,000 packs of pies from the store in less than a year.

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