How much are UK pubs expected to make during the Euros?

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Latest research has revealed that Brits are expected to spend more than £2.4 billion on beer alone during the 2024 Euros football tournament.


The UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as “The Euros”, is nearly upon us. It is a time where many come together to support football teams with their friends and family, often in hospitality venues.

However, a recent study has revealed that, in 2024, Brits are expected to spend a whopping £2.4 billion on beer while watching the football  tournament the summer.

The announcement comes at a time following sky-high food and beverage inflation and New Food reporting that many consumers have been adapting their spending habits in order to cut down on costs amid the cost-of-living crisis.

According to Takepayments, the company behind the research, Brits “could drink an estimated 604.5 million pints during the 33 day tournament”. In fact, it has shared that 18,000 pints have been forecasted to be drank per day.

It went on to reveal that the “average amount” Brits could be spending on beer per person is £74.25.

Additional research carried out by CGA by NIQ’s latest BrandTrack revealed that 79 percent of consumers are expected to attend pubs and bars more often during the time football games are being screened.

Taking a look at what cities in the UK are expected to spend the most on pints during the 2024 Euros, the survey found London came out on top with the estimated amount spent on beer per person reaching a total of £120. Second to London came Manchester (£92 per person) and then Southampton (£91 per person).

Commenting on the findings of the survey, Jodie Wilkinson, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Takepayments, said “Sports tournaments, like the Euros, can be incredibly exciting and have the potential to grab the attention of the whole nation and our data shows that these events can help give our economy a much needed boost which is fantastic to see.

“The research we undertook highlights just how much could be spent on beer alone, meaning that it can be an exceptionally rewarding time for businesses. However, for small businesses, it can also be an incredibly stressful time. From ensuring you have enough stock and staff to creating a quick and easy payment process for customers.”

With the first game taking place on Friday 14 June between Germany and Scotland, a great number of Brits are likely to tune in, whether that be at home or in a pub or bar.

But with the cost-of-living crisis still impacting consumers up and down the country, will 2024 be the year of more mindful mid-match spending? New Food will keep its readers updated with developments.

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