FSA launches consultation into authorisation of regulated products

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The FSA and FSS have shared that they are seeking feedback on two proposed changes regarding the way the regulated products are authorised.


A consultation has been launched by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) concerning proposed reforms to the current regulated products authorisation process.

The regulators have emphasised that they are looking for feedback on two proposed changes to the way they authorise regulated products, claiming that these alterations “will help [them] keep pace with innovation in the food industry, giving consumers a better choice of safe food”.

Currently regulated products, such as food additives and flavourings, must undergo safety authorisation before sale. In order to carry this out, the FSA and FSS conduct “robust” risk analysis, and also advice UK ministers in England, Wales and Scotland on product sale approval.

The current process inherited from the EU, however the FSA has stated that “is clear significant change is needed to modernise the system”.

“This is so we can bring benefits to consumers through a wider choice of safe food, as new, innovative products come to market more quickly,” explained the Agency via its website.

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The collaborative consultation commenced on 3 April, after engaging with stakeholders and receiving endorsement for the proposals from the FSA and FSS Boards.

Hoping to develop a “modern and streamlined” Regulated Products Service, the FSA and FSS have stated that they are currently “working hard to improve the current system, although it’s clear that more change is needed”.

Commenting on the consultation, Rebecca Sudworth, FSA Director of Policy, said: “The FSA and FSS would like to hear interested parties’ views on the potential impact, benefits and challenges around the two proposed changes. Views will be considered and will help inform our advice to ministers in England, Scotland and Wales. We expect to provide this advice in the Summer”. 

To read more about the two proposed reforms, click this link. The consultation will be open until 5 June 2025.

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