Danone launches plant-based infant formula blend

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Danone says the new infant formula has a lower carbon footprint than other infant formulas on the market on account of the packaging and ingredients used.

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Danone's new infant formula has a lower carbon footprint than other formulas, according to the manufacturer

Danone has announced the launch of what it claims is the first ever Dairy and Plants Blend baby formula, in response to parents’ desire for vegetarian and flexitarian options for their baby. Plant-based consumption is growing substantially, with more than one-third (37 percent) of EU consumers choosing a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diet, and almost 70 percent of parents now preferring their children eat more plant-based foods (according to a survey conducted for Danone).

Drawing on more than 50 years of advanced breastmilk research and experience in developing plant-based products, Danone has developed the new Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula – a “nutritionally complete” formulation that combines the best of both dairy and plants. The new baby formula is reportedly the first specifically created for a vegetarian diet, and is the first blended formula for healthy babies in which more than half the required protein is derived from soy.

In the Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula, 60 percent of the protein is sourced from high-quality, non-GMO soy, and 40 percent comes from the dairy ingredients, casein and whey protein. The new formula also contains the key dairy ingredient lactose – an important source of carbohydrates for babies, and an essential nutrient found in breastmilk.

With its mild taste of plants, the Dairy & Plants Blend formula is also intended to help familiarise babies and toddlers with plant flavours in a gentle way, which can help shape future food preferences.

“As a mother of four, I appreciate parents want the very best nutrition for their baby’s healthy growth and development,” said Manuela Borella, Vice President, Global Plant Based Strategy & Business Acceleration.

“At Danone, we also recognise many parents want to introduce plant-based, vegetarian and flexitarian options into their baby’s diet, while still meeting their baby’s specific nutritional requirements. Our new Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula has been developed with these needs top of mind.”

Danone says that the Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula will have a carbon footprint approximately 30 percent lower per pack compared to other baby formulas. The manufacturer claims the higher share of plant-based ingredients in the Dairy & Plants Blend formula milk and its fully recyclable packaging will contribute to the lower carbon footprint.

Danone’s Dairy & Plants Blend formula is being launched first in the Netherlands – under the Nutrilon brand, and in other countries later this year – under the global Aptamil brand.

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