The Food Standards Agency launches new five-year strategy

Posted: 18 March 2022 | | No comments yet

The FSA has launched a new five-year plan which includes an emphasis on making food healthy and more sustainable.


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published its strategy for improving food over the next five years and has announced once again a commitment to its mission of “food you can trust”.

The five-year strategy reflects the FSA’s greater responsibilities now that the UK is outside of the EU and takes into account growing public concern about health and climate change, the agency shared.

“Two decades on from its inception, the FSA has developed a strong reputation for its work to ensure food is safe. This must continue. Now is also the right time for the FSA to contribute to wider government efforts to tackle diet-related disease and climate change, while keeping food affordable,” said FSA Chair, Professor Susan Jebb.

“Our five-year strategy signals our intention to work with partners and other stakeholders in the food system to achieve healthier and more sustainable food. Through all of this we will continue to uphold the interests of consumers so we can all enjoy food we can trust.”

“Leaving the EU has changed the FSA’s role,” added FSA Chief Executive, Emily Miles.

“We have taken on new functions, like approving new types of food that come on sale here and setting rules for checks of imported food. Today the FSA therefore plays a more critical role than ever in supporting governments in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on matters relating to food. The strategy commits us to put consumer interests at the heart of our work so that food is safe and what it says it is as well as being healthier and more sustainable.”

The FSA’s new strategy sets out how, over the next five years, it will continue to lead the way on food safety and authenticity, so consumers can be confident that the food they buy is safe and can be assured that the food is what it says it is. The FSA’s willingness to support governments to improve the health of the nation and to look after the planet, is also highlighted in the announcement.

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