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Posted: 29 October 2021 | | No comments yet

Catch up with this week’s food and drink headlines, including reaction on the UK’s Autumn Budget and a surprisingly discovery around allergies.

The alcohol sector looks to be the biggest winner following the announcement of the UK’s Autumn Budget, which is set to offer duty rate cuts to many alcohol producers. However, the Food and Drink Federation has warned that the budget does little to address the labour shortages currently gripping the nation or tackle rising inflation.

Given such pressures, it appears that many manufacturers will have no choice but to continue to pass the cost down the chain.

In other news, retailer Giant Foods has announced a scheme to help those in the US struggling to afford food. Shoppers will now have the choice of rounding up their bill up to the nearest dollar with profits going towards charity, Feeding American.

Lastly, could cadmium in food exacerbate allergic reactions? Using mice as test subjects, researchers in Ohio State University have witnessed a connection between the heavy metal and high activation of the antibodies that cause an allergic response.  

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