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Posted: 10 September 2021 | | No comments yet

Haven’t had a chance to catch up with the news this week? You can watch this week’s headlines in one minute, delivered by our Editorial team.

Sri Lanka has seen a rise in food prices, meaning many are struggling to make ends meet. The crisis has arisen due to the plummeting value of the Sri Lanka rupee. Emergency measures have been enacted to enable the seizures of food stocks from retailers who have been accused of hoarding products. Shortages including staples such as sugar, milk powder and even cooking gas.

Meanwhile in New Orleans, Hurricane Ida has has caused city-wide power cuts, leaving residents vulnerable to food insecurity.

The category four storm has devastated the state of Louisiana and is the worst to hit the region since hurricane Katrina. US food manufacturer Smithfield has dispatched relief to New Orleans in the form of 40,000 pounds of protein.

In more positive news, red wine drinkers will be pleased to hear that drinking three glasses a week could lower your blood pressure – that’s according to new research from Queen’s University Belfast.

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