Product Review: Simple and direct sodium determination

Posted: 30 June 2016 | | No comments yet

Sodium determination is becoming ever more important for the food industry. Conventional sodium testing methods demand complicated sample preparation, complex instrumental setup, as well as knowledge and experience in analytical techniques. METTLER TOLEDO presents a new analytical method dedicated to the simplified, yet highly accurate determination of sodium…


Salt is an essential ingredient in processed foods and its content needs to be determined accurately. The ever increasing health awareness and demand for accurate food product labelling drives the requirement not only for the determination of sodium chloride, but also of sodium cations, which must be declared separately. This is particularly important since the excessive intake of salt is directly linked to adverse health effects.

Multiple Standard Addition technique is a new simple and effective application for the specific and accurate determination of the sodium ion content.

The determination of sodium cations is performed with ion-selective sensors. As the membrane potential cannot be observed directly, the potential of the ion-selective electrode (ISE) half-cell is measured against a reference half-cell.

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