Issue #4 2016 – Digital version

Posted: 25 August 2016 | | 1 comment

In this issue: Conveyors; Snack Foods; Baking; Regulation; Food Grade Lubricants; Sugar Reduction; Dairy Packaging; Allergens; Dairy Processing; Waste; and much more…

New Food magazine - Issue #4 2016
  • CONVEYORS: EHEDG guideline for conveyors for the food processing industry
    Jon J. Kold, Chairman, EHEDG Denmark
  • SNACK FOODS: Texturisation of dehydrated snacks
    Clara Talens, Food Researcher and Izaskun Pérez and Raquel Rodríguez, Senior Researchers, AZTI
    Campden BRI write on improving mould free shelf life, and the potential applications of ancient sourdough are assessed by University of Naples and Fresystem Spa. Also included in the supplement is a Q&A with Jan Charles Hansen from DuPont Nutrition & Health, and a preview of the 2016 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE).
  • REGULATION: Framework for product reformulation – The integration of four disciplines; Nutrition & Health, Food Technology, Legislation and Consumer perspective
    Fred van de Velde, Senior Researcher, HAS University of Applied Sciences and Group Principal Scientist of Texture Perception at NIZO Food Research, Annelies van Gunst, Lecturer, HAS University of Applied Sciences, Annet J.C. Roodenburg, Associate Professor of Nutrition and Health, HAS University of Applied Sciences
    We have a food industry perspective from Ricardo Luna, Senior Quality Specialist at Nestlé; an article from Ashlee Breitner of the NSF who looks into what is driving the need for registered food grade lubricants and cleaning products; and a roundtable with experts from the industry.
  • SUGAR REDUCTION: Stevia – an ally to healthy lifestyles
    Chris Peterson, Communications Manager and Maria Teresa Scardigli, Executive Director, International Stevia Council
  • DAIRY PACKAGING: Packaging materials and methods for dairy applications
    Prof. Kata Galić, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb
  • ALLERGENS: Food allergens in the food fraud chain
    Valerie Tear, Food Safety Consultant
    Thom Huppertz and his team at NIZO Food Research B.V look into acid whey processing. We also have a piece on cardiometabolic disease and healthy ageing from The Dairy Council, and a preview for the World Dairy Summit in the Netherlands.
  • WASTE: The application of seafood processing by-products in the food industry
    Dr. Reza Tahergorabi, Assistant Professor, Food and Nutritional Sciences, NC A&T State University (USA

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One response to “Issue #4 2016 – Digital version”

  1. Patrick Dunne says:

    2 articles are of interest to me. 1) regulation and product formulation and 2) dairy processing

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