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Case Study: Customer success story extra virgin olive oil filtration

Posted: 23 June 2021 | | No comments yet

Eaton’s BECOPAD depth filter sheets with high-purity cellulose is the most suitable technology to filter extra virgin olive oil.

Purifying your olive oil, one filter at a time.

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) producers are facing multiple challenges with regard to vegetative water and particles that lead to turbidity, reduced shelf-life and shorter storage periods. Overcoming those challenges is why the best brands in the world rely on Eaton’s BECOPAD premium depth filter sheets, which are made of high-purity cellulose without the addition of mineral components. The resulting high-filtration performance allows the removal of 100% of vegetative water from the EVOO.

In this application, BECOPAD depth filter sheets offer excellent performance, even in the most challenging context of the early harvest period. The Eaton solutions are also supremely efficient at particle removal. With no added mineral components, these depth filter sheets have low charge-related adsorption. As a result, valuable aroma components and colour remain. Due to the characteristics of the cellulose matrix, particles are reliably separated by mechanical depth filtration and do not affect the EVOO quality.



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