Analysis of Fipronil and its metabolites in eggs and egg-based products, ensuring effective inclusion in multi-residue methods

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27 October 2017

Agilent - egg

About this webinar

Recently many farms were affected by the illegal use of Fipronil in a cleaning agent. Whilst findings of Fipronil were rare or at low levels, it was the findings of its metabolite, Fipronil-sulfon, that were more significant in uncovering the extent of this scandal.

This webinar outlines suitable methods for extraction of Fipronil and metabolites from eggs (along with a relevant multi-residue suite). These will include QuEChERS, SweEt or EN 1528. Eggs have significant fat content especially of phospholipids and some strategies to address these type of fat containing commodities are also explained.

A description and comparison of the different methods of detection including those based on LC/MS and GC/MS is also provided. The section covers both eggs and egg products like egg powder and processed foods such as noodles.

Keynote speaker

Ralf Lippold, Food Chemist Director of EURL AO, CVUA Freiburg – European Union Reference Laboratory for Pesticides in Food of Animal Origin and Commodities with High Fat Content (EURL-AO)

Ralf has worked since 1990 in residue analysis at the Food chemist (University of Karlsruhe, Germany). He is experienced in analysis of pesticides in food of animal origin, veterinary drug residues and MS-techniques.

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2 responses to “Analysis of Fipronil and its metabolites in eggs and egg-based products, ensuring effective inclusion in multi-residue methods”

  1. Krzysztof says:

    Is it possible to get some presentation/materials from this webinar ?
    Unfortunately I can’t participate in this webinar but I’m very interesting in this subject.
    Thank you in advance for information.
    Krzysztof Wcisło
    Customer Engineer
    Perlan Technologies Polska

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