VODCAST special, episode 32 – How FT-NIR can help ingredients quality

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In this special episode of Food to Go, the New Food team interview Dr Cassandre Juzaitis-Boelter, Sales Applications Specialist for Bruker Scientific about the perks of FT-NIR in ensuring food and drink quality.

A number of commercial industries share an arduous objective: to maintain high standards of product quality amid rapidly changing market demands.

In a just-in-time world, the ability to make immediate, data-driven decisions is paramount. FT-NIR technology has emerged as one such solution that allows for the non-destructive qualitative and quantitative analysis of raw materials, in-process intermediates, and finalised products in all areas of the food industry.

With FT-NIR technology, the integrity of foodstuffs can be monitored throughout the entire manufacturing process – enabling producers to promptly determine ingredient quality and make efficient use of valuable raw materials. From edible oils and beverages to solid ingredients and meat blending, this episode sheds light on the range of applications for which Bruker offers FT-NIR quality control solutions and how they can help.

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