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Bruker is empowering scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. In close cooperation with our customers, Bruker is enabling innovation, improved productivity and customer success in various industrial applications. Today, worldwide more than 6,000 employees are working on this permanent challenge at over 90 locations on all continents. Bruker continues to build upon its extensive range of products and solutions, its broad base of installed solutions and a strong reputation among its customers.

FT-NIR offers a fast and simple tool for the analysis of a wide range of raw materials, intermediates and finished products

In contrast to most wet-chemistry and other reference methods, the FT-NIR technology is quick, cost- effective, non-destructive and safe, since it does not use chemicals, solvents or gases. It simply measures the absorption of near-infrared light of the sample at different wavelengths, recording molecular vibrations of all molecules containing C-H, N-H or O-H groups. FT-NIR spectrometers can analyze both liquid and solid samples and are the ideal tool for the non-destructive and rapid analysis of raw materials, intermediate and finished products throughout the entire manufacturing process. Hence, NIR spectroscopy is the first choice for the analysis of all kind of organic materials, making it ideal for a wide variety of foodstuffs.

MALDI Biotyper in food microbiology for isolates confirmation, identification and further characterization

The MALDI Biotyper method is designed to rapidly confirm and identify microbial isolates.  No need to know the type of microorganism prior to analysis; bacteria, yeast or mold samples are all analyzed together. The MALDI Biotyper simplifies and shortens the confirmation and identification step, and facilitates and harmonizes the workflow with only one system. The hands-on time per isolate is only 20 seconds for 95% of the microorganisms. The MALDI Biotyper is the first MALDI-TOF MS solution which has been AOAC-OMA and ISO 16140-part 6 validated. Additionally, the MALDI Biotyper is conveniently used for the characterization of antibiotic resistance using a dedicated subtyping module and kits, for fast and easy pre-screening method prior to extensive WGS.

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