Episode 40: Food waste – time to face reality?

Posted: 28 May 2023 | | No comments yet

The New Food team are back with a bumper episode of Food to Go as they tackle one of the most important yet perhaps overlooked problems in the food and beverage industry: food waste.

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In this episode sponsored by Hydronix, Josh and Grace tackle one of the biggest problems in the food and beverage industry: food waste.

They hear from food waste warrior and Too Good to Go co-founder Jamie Crummie on how his innovative company is putting food destined for the bin back into consumers’ baskets, plus his views on whether we should legislate food waste targets or not.

There’s insight from Neal Cass of Hydronix, who explains what his company does in the food waste space and reveals just how crucial moisture control is in keeping as much food away from the waste bin as possible.

And lastly, Food to Go hears from Craig McIntosh of Trendi – a food salvage programme which repurposes wasted produce into ingredients to be used in the industry. Craig explains why food waste matters so much to him and why as an industry we must do more to reduce it.

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