FoodTech strengthened by international conference on water reuse

When FoodTech opens its doors from 13 to 15 November 2018 at the MCH Messecenter Herning, the trade fair will be complemented by the IFC World Congress, an international conference that focuses on the reuse of water in the food industry…

Messecenter Herning Kongrescenter

This year, FoodTech is playing host to a major international conference. The IFC World Congress focuses on water reuse in the food industry. Photo: MCH/Tony Brøchner

Water is fast becoming an expensive commodity – it is expensive to buy in the first place and wastewater treatment is also costly. In many places around the world, there are serious shortages of clean drinking water, so there is good reason to save water to safeguard clean drinking water for future generations. The food industry uses large amounts of water and therefore both the Danish and global food industry are very interested in saving water and reusing their process water and wastewater.

In fact, it is possible to reuse wastewater – and that is precisely the focus of the international conference that is being held at the same time as FoodTech. The conference is called the “IFC World Congress” and will be presenting the latest developments and opportunities related to sustainable water use and reuse in the food industry.


Wastewater can be cleaned and reused

Among the keynote speakers already listed on the programme are the CEO of the Danish Food & Agriculture Council, Karen Hækkerup, and the Chairman of the Carlsberg Group, Flemming Besenbacher.

A group of experts with special knowledge of water treatment and reuse is responsible for implementing the conference. Among them is Søren Nøhr Bak, Segment Director at Grundfos BioBooster, who explains:

“The goal of the conference is to provide participants with insight into the technical and economic opportunities for reusing water, including how to reuse their water without compromising food safety. In addition, the conference will reveal how far we have come with regard to the sustainable use of water in the food industry. What can we do here and now? And what challenges are we facing?”


Sustainable use of water
The programme has been designed to introduce delegates to the food industry’s sustainability goals and strategies. The conference will also examine various future scenarios with regard to water and water use. Selected experts will present the latest knowledge about water treatment, food safety and measurement methods.

Similarly, process suppliers will present the latest technical solutions, and representatives from the food industry will give specific relevant examples of sustainable water use, including water reuse and recycling in the food industry.

One of the members of the congress working group is Jan Dalsgård Johannesen, Environment and Climate Manager at Arla Foods. He points to a wide range of areas where technology can help businesses in the food industry to improve the sustainability of their water use. Jan Dalsgård Johannesen says:

“There is a constant need for new knowledge and new technology in the field of water. However, it is also important to implement new water treatment techniques in production as quickly as possible, and ensure that we lead the way in the sustainable development of water.”


Excursion to a dairy that reuses its wastewater
On Wednesday, 14 November, there will be an excursion to the Arla dairy in Rødkærsbro. Every day, the dairy cleans around 450 cubic metres of wastewater on site. The wastewater is thoroughly purified to the status of drinking water before it is pumped back into the dairy and reused. This enables Arla to reduce their water resource costs, while at the same time making the production of mozzarella far more sustainable.

With the latest water technology, it is possible to establish a water-neutral dairy. In other words, a dairy where the water is reused to such an extent that the dairy does not need an external water supply – for example, from separate drinking water wells or the public water supply.




Remember to save the date in your calendar

The programme for the IFC World Congress is being updated on an ongoing basis and will soon be published on the IFC World Congress website,, where you can also sign up for the congress.

However, if you are interested in attending the IFC World Congress, make sure you mark the 14th and 15th of November on your calendar now. FoodTech opens on Tuesday, 13 November, so you should also reserve that date for a tour of the many stands.

At least 200 professionals from all over the world are expected to attend the conference on the sustainable use of water.


Event partners – IFC World Congress

  • Søren Balling Engelsen, Professor, University of Copenhagen
  • Finn Kjeldgaard, Distribution Manager, Alfa Laval Nordic, Food & Water
  • Søren Nøhr Bak, Segment Director, Grundfos BioBooster
  • Jan Dalsgård Johannesen, Environment and Climate Manager, Arla Foods
  • John Dørr Jensen, FoodTech, MCH Messecenter Herning
  • DANVA (Danish Water and Wastewater Association)
  • Lars Johannes Nielsen, International Food Contest (IFC)
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