Coca-Cola steps into ‘Health and Wellness’ space in India

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Coca-Cola India has added mango and banana flavoured smoothies to their Minute Maid brand, continuing their pledge to the Heath and Wellness area.


Coca-Cola India has announced that it is taking another step towards providing an array of healthy and nutritious beverage choices for consumers. The company has expanded its Minute Maid brand with a smoothie that combines the ‘power of three’ ingredients; fruits, milk and nutrients. 

Vice President of Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, Vijay Parasuraman said “Minute Maid Smoothie is an ideal choice for mothers looking for a snack that is tasty, filling and nutritious. We specifically developed this product after listening to mothers and understanding their needs. Children are picky eaters and are always look for something tasty, mothers often find it tough to balance between nutrition and taste.  

“MM Smoothie contains real mango juice that gives it a great taste kids love, puree of banana which makes it filling, goodness of whole milk that mothers trust and topped up with nutrients such as Vitamin B3, B6, Vitamin E, Zinc and Calcium that play a key role in metabolism and building strength and stamina.”

The smoothie is made from locally sourced fruits, and has been designed to suit the Indian palate, and is being marketed towards mothers looking for a nutritious drink for their children.

The smoothie is available in mango and banana flavours, and will be sold as 250ml servings.

Coca-Cola India has also announce plans to localise two-thirds of its products over the coming years.

The smoothies will be available in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The company also plans to add different flavours to the smoothie range, and expand its availability to other states in India.

Coca-Cola India state that this addition to the Minute Maid collection shows the company’s commitment to the Fruit Circular Economy initiative. The company pledged to develop India’s agricultural ecosystem in 2017, with $1.7 billion (USD) contributed for this development.  

The company has also established a Health and Wellness Advisory Council (HWAC) in order to achieve better results within the area. 

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