Growing demand for encapsulation packaging fostering adoption of nanotechnology

Posted: 19 May 2017 | | No comments yet

Induction of an improved delivery system has necessitated the demand for encapsulated food products, incidentally bolstering the growth of the global market for nano-enabled packaging in the food & beverage industry.


The perimeters of applying nanotechnology aren’t stipulated as yet, since experts from various industrial verticals continue to venture upon the use of this technology in manufacturing and other associated processes. The global food & beverage industry, in particular, is always on a lookout for enhancing its key procedures and enlarge its profit margins without impairing the efficiency of any process. Lately, several key F&B companies have been active proponents with respect to adopting nanotechnology in its industrial facets. Packaging is one such crucial aspect that defines the success of a food item or a beverage drink among consumers from all corners of the world. Efforts taken to incorporate nano-enabled packaging in food & beverages industries are gaining momentum as the rate of efficiency keeps indicating nothing but cost-effective returns for the manufacturers.
While companies manufacturing food products and beverages are instating designated divisions for nano-enabled packaging, packaging corporations are also embarking upon the fruitful convention of nanotechnology. Ramping up the security of manufacturing processes remains a key priority while incorporating nano-enabled packaging in food & beverages industries. Processing and shipping food items through sensors that identify pathogenic contamination is regarded as instrumental for adoption of nano-enabled packaging. Unique identification systems installed in nano-enabled packaging are supplementing the tracking mechanism in food & beverages industries. Integrating such additional functionalities is boosting the efficacy of processed food transportation.
Soaring demand for encapsulated food products is acting as a phenomenal driver for the growth of the global market for nano-enabled packaging in food & beverages industries. Delivering functional foods through intricate delivery systems becomes effortless through incorporation of nanotechnology. Shelf-life, production costs, packaging costs, nutritional traits, texture as well as flavour of beverages and food items are enhanced through multifunctional nano-enabled packaging. The implementation of nanotechnology in food & beverage packaging is presently at an elementary phase. Nonetheless, increasing research on nanomaterial and introduction of advanced nanosensors is likely to abridge the halt of installing nano-enabled packaging. Regulatory bodies such as the FDA are likely to give the nod for the pragmatic approach in food & beverage packaging through nanotechnology.
According to Persistence Market Research, the global market for nano-enabled packaging in food & beverages industries is expected to attain market value of US$15 billion by 2020. In the report, titled “Global Market Study on Nano-enabled Packaging for Food and Beverages: Growth Estimated at a CAGR of 12.7% over 2014-2020,” it is predicted that the global market for nano-enabled packaging in food & beverages industries will witness robust expansion in North America, Europe as well as Asia. Growing consumption of processed foods and encapsulated foods in these regions will cater to the rising demand for nano-enabled packaging in food & beverages companies.