Nestlé to axe 300 jobs in the UK

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Confectionery multinational Nestlé is to axe up to 300 jobs from the UK and to move Blue Riband chocolate biscuit to Poland sources have warned. 


The GMB and Unite unions responded by stating that the Swiss company should “be exporting chocolate and not jobs.”

The job losses are expected to be at the at the York and Fawdon sites and to come into effect throughout 2017 and 2018.

GMB general secretary Tim Roache said: “To shift the production of an iconic British brand like Blue Riband to Poland is completely unacceptable.

“Nestlé are throwing people’s lives, and those of their families, into turmoil for the sake of increasing profit margins.

“These factories should be exporting chocolate – not people’s jobs.

“The Government needs to step in before it’s too late and reassure millions of workers across the country this is not just the tip of the Brexit iceberg.”

Nestlé have released in a statement:

“The proposed changes include amended and standardised shift patterns at each factory and, at Fawdon, the most complex of Nestlé’s UK confectionery sites, the transfer of Blue Riband production to a Nestle factory in Poland. This would mean being able to simplify and focus Fawdon’s operation.

“These proposals are being made by Nestlé UK to ensure that these sites operate more efficiently and remain competitive in a rapidly changing external environment.

“A 45-day consultation on these proposals will commence as soon as possible with trade unions and employee representatives. Nestlé UK appreciates that this is an uncertain time for employees and will work hard to ensure all are supported through this difficult period.”

It is unknown whether the move is related to Brexit but many unions are worried that this might be the first in a string of job losses throughout the UK in food manufacturing and processing.

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