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Food Safety


Pesticides & Contaminants supplement 2013

24 June 2013 | By Carl K. Winter, Markus Lipp, Jeffrey Moore

Pesticide biomonitoring: applications and limitations for food safety risk assessment (Carl K. Winter Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis)Novel yeasts, novel flavours (Markus Lipp and Jeffrey Moore US Pharmacopeial Convention)

Foreign body complaints in the food and drink industry

26 April 2013 | By Mike Edwards, Microscopy Section, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Campden BRI and EHEDG affiliate

Foreign bodies form the biggest single cause of consumer complaints received by many food and drink manufacturers, retailers and enforcement authorities. The accidental inclusion of unwanted items may sometimes occur in even the bestmanaged processes. Foreign bodies in foods are therefore quite rightly a matter of concern to all food…

Pork quality and carcass chilling

26 April 2013 | By Lars Kristensen, Section Manager, Danish Meat Research Institute

Chilling of hot carcasses is an important process in the meat production chain, and the rate of chilling especially has a major impact on meat quality, chill loss, shelf-life and microbial safety. The carcass temperature just before chilling is normally in the range of 39 – 40°C, and the goal…

Can we prevent another horsemeat scandal?

26 April 2013 | By Helen Bahia

Food fraud on an international scale is a reality – current preventive measures are not working and new techniques and tools are needed to address the problem, say experts. The recent revelation of large-scale and criminal food fraud involving the adulteration of processed meat products with horsemeat has cost the…

Show preview: Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition 2013

26 April 2013 | By Helen Bahia

This year’s Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition takes place against a tough backdrop for the industry. Manufacturing output fell by three per cent in the year to March 2013, according to the Office for National Statistics. On top of that, the manufacturing industry is suffering a degree of collateral damage…

Flavours: When performance and packaging are no longer compatible

26 April 2013 | By Martina Lapierre, Flavour Technologist, PepsiCo

“The sensory threshold for difference detection can be considered to occur when there is a 30 per cent decrease in the concentration of a flavourant”. Flavourings are concentrated aroma chemical systems used in food and beverage formulations and as such are important in the provision of aroma and taste. Their…

Food allergens: identifying thresholds and assessing the risk to consumers

26 April 2013 | By René Crevel, Science Leader, Unilever Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre

Food allergies have long been known as a clinical phenomenon, with welldocumented case studies as far back as the 1920s. Their recognition as a food safety issue only arose in the 1990s partly in the wake of the remarkable increase in prevalence of general allergic diseases. In order to protect…