Webinar: Future foods and innovation

What does the future of the food and beverage industry look like?

How are we going to feed 10 billion people by 2050? We take a look at the latest innovation and the solutions being created for the key issues facing the food industry:

  • Future food manufacturing techniques
  • Innovating to meet sustainability targets
  • Reducing our reliance on animal-based products and developing alternatives such as cell-based and plant-based


Heather Vossler Jordan Tetrick Alison Rabschnuk Nolan Lewis
Heather Vossler
Director of Insights & Innovation
Hormel Foods
Jordan Tetrick
Global Head of Sales Enablement
Eat Just
Alison Rabschnuk
Business Development Director Plant ProteinKerry
Nolan Lewin
Executive Director
Rutgers Food Innovation Center, Rutgers University