Allergens In-Depth Focus 2017

Posted: 19 June 2017 | | No comments yet

In this in-depth focus: David Reading explores food allergies, highlighting other foods besides nuts that are a risk; Allergen management in the food industry; and Dr Shona Jacobsberg asks if gluten-free diets are fad or fact…

  • Food allergies: it’s not just a problem of nuts
    David Reading, Co-founder of the Anaphylaxis Campaign
    Food allergens have been a hot news topic since the early 1990s and the allergen that has been at the centre of most reports is the peanut. David Reading, co-founder of the Anaphylaxis Campaign highlights the huge number of other foods that can, in a minority of cases, cause serious symptoms of allergy…
  • Allergen management in the food industry: it’s all about cross-contact and contamination prevention
    François Bourdichon, Food Safety Consultant, and Bert Pöpping, FOCOS
    All known allergens are proteins; they can be present in the food in large quantities and often survive – even harsh – food processing conditions. François Bourdichon and Bert Pöpping discuss allergen management in the food industry…
  • Gluten-free diets: fad or fact?
    Dr. Shona Jacobsberg, Registrar in Endocrinology & General Internal Medicine, London
    With coeliac disease and wheat allergy affecting only 1.2% of the population, why is it that an estimated 15% of UK adults and an astonishing 29% of US adults are trying to avoid gluten? Dr Shona Jacobsberg asks, is it all just one big fad?

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