Have you got what it takes to be crowned a leader in food and beverage?

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Food Integrity Global 2024 marks the return of The Apples, New Food’s industry awards that were created to recognise and celebrate some of the amazing and industry-leading talents within the food and beverage sector. Find out more about this year’s categories – with two BRAND NEW opportunities – and how you could be crowned a leader in food and beverage.

The Apples Awards

The food and beverage industry is one that thrives on innovation – without this drive to be and do better, the future of food wouldn’t be so bright. Whilst all types of manufacturers, retailers, distributors and more are all aspiring to lead the industry forward, there is no doubt that there are key players at the forefront of food and beverage’s progression.

Food Integrity Global 2024 marks the return of The Apples, New Food‘s industry awards that were created to recognise and celebrate some of these amazing and industry-leading talents within the food and beverage sector. This year sees the return of our six key existing awards categories, but with the added opportunity of two new categories – Breakthrough of the Year and Start-Up of the Year.

Have you got what it takes to be crowned a leader in food and beverage? As we gear up to celebrate excellence from across the sector, there is no better time than now to get involved and share with the industry the ways in which you are reaching new heights and taking the next big step into the future!




The Apples 2024 award categories

F&B Manufacturer of the Year

Our Manufacturer of the Year award offers us the chance to celebrate a food and beverage manufacturer that has stood out in the industry and embodied the spirit of integrity in everything that they do. 

In 2023, a Birmingham-based start-up founded by American entrepreneur Melissa Snover, Nourished, was identified as the winner of this particular category, due to the way in which the company revolutionised the personal nutrition market. 

Think you’ve got what it takes to be 2024’s F&B Manufacturer of the Year? Then share your submission now and don’t miss out!

The Apples - Manufacturer of the Year

Sustainable Company of the Year

A company operating in the food and beverage sector which has enacted significant change in 2023/24 to enable us to continue to feed our population safely and securely into the future, whilst also protecting our planet, will be the winner of 2024’s Sustainable Company of the Year award. This is a perfect opportunity to show just how you are working to solve two of the most significant challenges that the sector is currently facing: food insecurity and climate change.

In 2023, the judges were looking for a company that had been turning their attention to the planet and making changes to the way they operate in order to tackle climate change head on. Square Mile Farms was announced as the winner, as the company had been making a real impact across all of London by installing indoor, vertical, hydroponic growing systems in urban buildings, impressing both the expert panel of judges and those in the room.

How have you been improving the sustainability of the sector over the course of the last year? Are both people and the planet at the forefront of your priorities when it comes to innovation? Have you become a pioneer in the way in which F&B is addressing climate change? Could you be crowned Sustainable Company of the Year? There’s only one way to find out – enter The Apples now!

Food Scientist of the Year  

Our Food Scientist of the Year award is a chance to honour a scientist that has made a significant breakthrough or impact on the food and beverage industry in 2023/24, whether that be in the realm of food safety, health and nutrition, or food resilience.

Akansha Prasad and Shadman Khan were announced as the winners of this accolade in 2023. The judges were looking for individuals that had been making waves with their food-related research, and our winners fit the criteria perfectly, after leading a study to develop packaging that can indicate Salmonella contamination.

2024’s The Apples are a fresh opportunity to proudly display the industry-leading scientific breakthroughs that have been taking place across the sector. Don’t shy away from your success and instead get involved, so that we can shine a spotlight on the incredible impact that you have had on the sector.



Food Defender of the Year

An individual who embodies the spirit of food integrity and has consistently protected our food system, through one or more actions in 2023/24, will be the one crowned as Food Defender of the Year at this year’s The Apples ceremony.

Whilst the industry working together is extremely important in actioning significant change, it is important to recognise the fantastic individuals that work tirelessly to better the sector. In 2023, Liljia Polo Richards, Founder and CEO of Allergy Companions, was chosen by our fantastic collection of judges as Food Defender of the Year, due to her work to develop tools to rank and review hospitality venues depending on how well they manage allergens.

Sharing her excitement on social media, Polo-Richards said: “Whilst I am still pretty speechless, I cannot thank enough the judges that voted for me and all the people that support my work and mission.

“It’s amazing to be recognised for the work I do in the food allergy space and I am so excited to be involved in some exciting projects.”

You could be the one sharing your excitement at being chosen as 2024’s Food Defender of the Year when it comes to the awards ceremony in September – enter now to make sure that you’re in the running!

The Apples - Food Defender of the Year

Lab of the Year

Our Lab of the Year award offers us the opportunity to recognise a food and beverage laboratory that has significantly contributed to the defence of our food system in 2023/24. 

In 2023, with several fantastic labs shortlisted for the award, the judging panel took time to consider their winner. But, taking the crown was the Food Authenticity Network at LGC, a lab based in the UK that supported the Food Authenticity Network and helped to keep our food supply safe and out of the hand of fraudsters. Of special note, LGC’s work made a real impact during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Has your lab been a pioneer in the defence of our food system? Enough for you to be 2024’s Lab of the Year? Then share your submission now and don’t miss out!

Innovator of the Year

An individual who has demonstrated outstanding creativity, originality and innovation within the food and beverage sector in 2023/24 will be 2024’s Innovator of the Year. This award celebrates individuals who have shown a commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo, while also delivering real-world impact and practical solutions to complex problems.

At 2023’s The Apples ceremony, Fresh Check took home the award due to the excellent work that they had undertaken in the field of food safety, as a company that uses its own unique biochemistry to detect bacterial and food debris contamination. 

Fresh Check took to social media to share its thoughts on the win, stating: “We are deeply honoured to have been named ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the inaugural Apples Awards.

“This recognition is particularly meaningful to us, as it highlights the collective efforts of not just our team, but the broader food and beverage community in advancing safety, hygiene and innovation.

“This award affirms our commitment to providing rapid, reliable testing solutions and we pledge to continue driving advancements in food safety. Together, as an industry, we can make food safer, cleaner and more sustainable for everyone.”

You could be the one sharing your honour at being chosen as 2024’s Innovator of the Year when it comes to the awards ceremony in September – enter now to make sure that you’re in the running!

Breakthrough of the Year – NEW for 2024!

New for the 2024 instalment of The Apples, our Breakthrough of the Year award is designed to celebrate the pioneers of the food and beverage industry and shine a spotlight on the visionary minds shaping the future of food.

Are you a food scientist whose ground-breaking research has reshaped the way that the industry thinks? Whether it’s a study that’s challenged conventions or research that’s transformed the discussion, this category honours those who’ve redefined the boundaries in our sector and made a breakthrough which could transform food and beverage. Enter now to be crowned as The Apples’ first ever Breakthrough of the Year winner!

Start-up of the Year – NEW for 2024!

Another new award category for 2024 is Start-Up of the Year. This accolade celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit driving innovation in the food and beverage landscape. Have you launched a game-changing start-up that’s disrupting the industry? We’re on the lookout for visionary founders who are reshaping how we manufacture and retail food and drink.

Whether it’s a groundbreaking product, a revolutionary service or a transformative business model, we want to hear your story. Join us in recognising the bold start-ups that are making waves and setting new standards of excellence. 


Why should you enter? 

Winning an award can increase your company’s visibility and reputation within the industry, which can help to attract new customers, improve brand recognition and, ultimately, increase sales. Similarly, entering The Apples provides valuable networking opportunities and a great place to meet industry leaders, potential customers and suppliers, which can help to build relationships that may lead to new business opportunities in the future.

Not only that, but participating in an awards competition also allows companies to benchmark themselves against their competitors and gain valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses. 

Beyond this, being recognised for their hard work can be a great motivator for employees. Entering an awards competition can inspire them to strive for excellence and take pride in their work, and winning an award can also help to boost employee morale and build team spirit. 


Whilst you’re here…

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The only way that we can progress is by learning from others – whether that be their successes or their struggles. That is what makes events like Food Integrity Global so vital, as it offers all those across the food and beverage industry the opportunity to come together to share your thoughts, opinions, knowledge and insight with one another; and, ultimately, shape the future of the industry. 

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