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Since 1939, we’ve been a leading solutions provider in laboratory technology for R&D, quality control and production purposes. Our instruments serve a wide range of industries such as food & feed, environment and pharmaceuticals. We offer high quality solutions for applications such as extraction, protein/nitrogen determination, NIR spectroscopy, distillation, digestion, spray drying, freeze drying, laboratory, industrial and parallel evaporation, as well as preparative chromatography.

When we deliver a product to you, you are guaranteed to receive “Quality in your hands”. With nearly 20 subsidiaries and support centres, as well as over 70 qualified distribution partners worldwide, we offer you excellent and local support to accompany your BUCHI instruments.

We have a closely-knit relationship with the food industry with specially developed products for our food analysis customers. Our robust instruments are designed to operate under the harsh conditions of the food processing chain. If you are looking for reliable analysis during incoming or outgoing good inspection, at-line production control or quality control for declaration purposes, we have got the right solution for you.

If you need to perform protein/nitrogen determination with a classical method, our Kjeldahl product portfolio will certainly meet your requirements. Our fat extraction and hydrolysis equipment enable operation according to Soxhlet, hot extraction or continuous extraction. Analysis of residues or contaminants is easily performed on our pressurized solvent extraction unit.

If you are looking for a method with immediate results and multi-component analysis, we offer NIR instruments that can be set up for use by operators of any skill level. Our BUCHI NIR-Online® Solutions offer superior macronutrient analysis at-line. Leverage more than 10 years of experience in using NIR spectrometry to measure parameters such as fat, fiber, free fatty acids, macronutrients, moisture, protein and residual oil from sample matrices such as bakery, dairy, flour, oil seeds and edible oil.

We also offer a number of drying solutions well suited to R&D and quality control applications. Freeze drying, spray drying, vacuum evaporation and heating are all possibilities we could explore together. We will gladly work with you to find the best instruments to meet your needs. Get in touch!

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