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Application note: Solus One E. coli O157

Posted: 14 January 2021 | | No comments yet

Being able to accurately and rapidly test raw meat, and specifically beef, for bacterial contaminants such as E. coli is necessary to ensure those food products are safe to consume.

The Solus One E. coli O157 is an extremely sensitive and specific enhanced ELISA for the screening of large samples of raw beef to detect E. coli O157:H7 with time to results within 12 – 14 hours. With results one day faster than other molecular or culture methods, the Solus One assay is efficient. This assay was designed with simplicity in mind and can be used with 375 g raw ground beef and beef trim samples and requires one enrichment step of a 1 in 4 dilution that takes 10 – 12 hours. The ELISA portion of testing takes an additional two hours. This test uses the Solus One Supplement for the suppression of background flora in combination with our ISO BPW.

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