Video: FP828/FP928 Food Analysis Profile

Posted: 14 January 2020 | | No comments yet

Video overview of LECO’s FP828 and FP928 Nitrogen and Protein combustion determinators and exclusive Cornerstone ® brand software.

LECO’s FP828 and FP928 Nitrogen/Protein determinators streamline analyses with improvements in samples, throughput, uptime, and reliability. They have been designed with operators in mind, with boom-mounted touchscreens that promote ergonomics while saving space and with our exclusive, easy-to-use Cornerstone® brand software. The Cornerstone mobile app allows you to view data on the go and receive alerts for specific instrument conditions, while compatible autoloaders can allow up to 8.5 hours of unattended runtime. Watch the video for an overview of these specialized instruments.

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