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Beverage Supplement 2011

5 January 2012 | By Jos Oostendorp, Packaging Specialist, Royal Grolsch Brewery / Josef Kerler and Luigi Poisson, Aroma and Taste Modulation Group, Nestlé Product Technology Centre / Jim Wilson, Director Product Commercialisation, Coca-Cola Refreshments

Has the role of packaging changed? (Jos Oostendorp, Packaging Specialist, Royal Grolsch Brewery)Understanding coffee aroma for new product development (Josef Kerler and Luigi Poisson, Aroma and Taste Modulation Group, Nestlé Product Technology Centre)Taking a closer look at soft drink processing (Jim Wilson, Director Product Commercialisation, Coca-Cola Refreshments)

The right side of the law

4 January 2012 | By John Hammond, Head of Information & Legislation, Campden BRI

Food legislation is highly complex and impacts on all aspects of the food industry from production, packaging to distribution and marketing. Food laws are a vital element in industrialised and developing countries alike, ensuring the food that consumers purchase and eat is safe and has been marketed honestly. It is…

Methods to evaulate packaging performance

13 May 2011 | By Emma Hanby, Innovation Advisor, Campden BRI

Food packaging is core to managing the delivery of innovative, safe products to the consumer. The consumer has an increasing awareness of the impact of packaging on the environment. With the advent of the Courtauld Commitment to reduce the amount of packaging materials being sent to landfill, an increasing number…

The quality and safety of flexible packaging materials

13 May 2011 | By Kata Galić, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb

Food contact materials (FCMs) comprise a broad and complex area, using many different types of materials and articles, as well as many different chemical substances such as additives in the materials and articles. The intent of packaging is to maintain its function of protecting the integrity, quality, freshness and safety…

Bottling operations

13 May 2011 | By Gareth Godley, Bottling Team Leader, MolsonCoors Brewing Company

As a nation, the way in which we enjoy alcoholic beverages is changing. We drink more at home, when we eat we favour wine and with the current squeeze on disposable income, we are putting more emphasis on low prices in our purchasing decisions. Traditional pubs are closing at an…

EU food labelling row continues

8 December 2010 | By Eversheds

Renate Sommer MEP, has called an agreement by EU ministers stating that food producers must clearly label nutrients, including fats and sugars, and show the country of origin only for meat a "sloppy" deal...

Novel processed food packaging challenges

4 November 2010 | By Nathalie Gontard, Valérie Guillard, Miguel Mauricio Iglesias, Stéphane Peyron & Sana Raouche Joint Research Unit Agropolymers Engineering and Emerging Technologies – UMR 1208 Montpellier SupAgro, INRA and Salvatore Iannace, Institute of Composite and Biomedical Materials, National Research Council of Italy and Giuseppe Mensitieri & Ernesto Di Maio, Dept. of Materials and Production Engineering, University of Naples Federico II

In the last few years, the fast development of novel processing methods for food preservation to improve safety, quality and shelf life of packaged foods gave place to important gaps of knowledge that must be filled in the area of suitable packaging materials. In particular, in the European Project NovelQ…

Testing the effectiveness of packaging sterilisation: Truth or faith?

30 June 2010 | By Jan Bruecklmeier, Senior Aseptic Specialist, Nestlé

The effectiveness of packaging sterilisation devices in an aseptic filling system is often tested during start up and validation of the system. Some publications even classify the different aseptic filling systems with their average logarithmic reduction rate (ALR). According to different publications, the testing seems to be quite easy and…

Packaging for customers, consumers and the environment

30 June 2010 | By Jay Gouliard, Vice President Global Packaging, Unilever

Unilever is one of the leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods, with products on sale in over 170 countries. Our portfolio of foods, home and personal care brands is trusted by consumers the world over. On any given day, two billion people use our products. Unilever business and brands have…

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