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The rise of hybrid meat

3 July 2020 | By

Following a rising demand for meat alternatives driven by health concerned consumers, Senior Research Fellow from the University of Reading, Simona Grasso, outlines the potential of the hybrid meat market.


Confectionery: Creating food structure out of thin air!

2 January 2014 | By K. Niranjan, University of Reading

Bubbles are always perceived to represent the best in food and drink. Their presence and characteristics have dominated our perception of the quality of traditional products such as bread, champagne, ice creams and let’s not forget the good olde beers! In recent years, there has been a constant flow of…


Protein-polyphenol interactions

11 August 2006 | By Richard Frazier, Lecturer, School of Food Biosciences, University of Reading and Rebecca Green, Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, University of Reading

Evidence has been reported that dietary consumption of plants and plant products that are rich in tannins, such as cocoa, wine, tea and berries, can be related to protective effects against cardiovascular disease and certain forms of cancer. These protective effects are assumed to stem from the antioxidant activity of…