Plastic declaration signed by European food and beverage industry

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The Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) declaration will see 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics being used in new food and beverage products by 2025.

Plastic declaration signed by European food and beverage industry

The Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA), an organisation that aims to facilitate the sustainable development of an environment in which all European food and beverage companies meet the needs of consumers and society, has signed a declaration that looks to ensure the recycling of plastic from the European food and beverage industry. 

The declaration was signed by almost 100 actors of the plastics value chain, including Member States, national authorities, companies and sector associations.

“While our members have been making efforts to reduce the use of plastics in food and drink packaging and explore more sustainable alternative materials, they are also willing to use resources more efficiently, in particular by increasing the use of recycled materials,” said Mella Frewen, FoodDrinkEurope Director General. “The CPA will help achieve this goal by contributing to improve collection, sorting and recycling schemes throughout the EU and ensure that the quality of recycled plastics is high to allow their safe use in food contact materials.”

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