Waters DART QDa system with LiveID Software instantly assesses food quality and authenticity

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System couples the ACQUITY QDa Detector with the IonSense DART Ion Source for rapid molecular fingerprinting of foods and food ingredients…

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Waters Corporation announced today the introduction of the Waters® DART® QDa™ System with LiveID™, a direct-from-sample analytical system that allows laboratories to answer questions such as: Is the sample authentic? Has the composition of the sample changed? Is sample quality good or bad? Featuring the LiveID software platform, the system performs real-time sample recognition and verifies sample authenticity or adulteration.

“With global trade in food growing rapidly, there is a real need for rapid, easily deployed measurement technologies in food laboratories throughout the world. The DART QDa System with LiveID is the perfect system for laboratories testing for food quality and authenticity, protecting consumers and preventing reputational damage to food brands.”

said Jeff Mazzeo, Ph.D., Vice President of Marketing, Waters Corporation.

“I’m pleased to say that real-time fingerprinting of food samples is now within reach of every laboratory,”

said Brian Musselman, President and CEO, IonSense, Inc.

“Direct-from-sample analysis enabled by DART technology, greatly simplifies the whole process of getting fundamental information to the scientist in the fastest way possible.”

Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) is a direct and rapid analysis technique for various sample types with minimal sample preparation and no requirement for a chromatographic separation. The source directs heated, ionized gas at the surface of the sample between DART interface and the Waters QDa detector where the ionized molecules are detected. The LiveID software provides the user with the capability to train and validate multivariate statistical models using the chemical profile obtained from the DART QDa analysis. The LiveID models can be used to classify the identity of unknown samples generating easy-to-interpret results in near real time and a simple yes/no answer in seconds.

 In June of 2017, Waters and IonSense announced a collaboration agreement to work on joint solutions for scientific laboratories and the DART QDa System with LiveID is the first integrated product to originate from this collaboration. Now for food applications, the system is being offered and fully supported by Waters including ordering, installation, training and applications and service support. The DART QDa with LiveID System is expected to be available to ship in July.

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