Nespresso donates £1 million to support homelessness relief

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Working in partnership with Change Please, Nespresso has donated £1 million to support individuals experiencing homelessness in the UK.


Coffee giant Nespresso has announced that it is partnering with Change Please, a social enterprise, and donating £1 million to support homelessness relief.

In its latest report, Change Please observed a 50 percent increase in homelessness between March 2022 and March 2023, and also recorded 1,313 deaths as a result of homelessness in 2021.

Nespresso’s £1 million donation is set to go towards helping those who are experiencing homelessness with barista training, a living wage job, life admin support including securing housing and opening a bank account, as well as mental health support and onward employment opportunities.

According to the coffee giant, £500,000 of the money will be used to pay for a long-term plan and support at least 50 trainees in The Republic of Ireland, a move that will begin Change Please’s work in the Republic of Ireland, including the employment of a Regional Programme Manager and the set-up of a coffee training programme to build on the existing business model in the UK.

Then, a £250,000 will reportedly be used to fund the set up a new retail site/café in a key city where Change Please is located, to support the onward employment journey of trainees and graduates.

Meanwhile, the rest of the money (£250,000) will go towards expanding and upgrading the Change Please business to ensure longevity and improve support for trainees.

“We are extremely proud to launch this incredible partnership with Nespresso. We have seen the amazing work Nespresso does in coffee growing regions. This partnership goes beyond simply selling great coffee, it’s about using the power of business to drive social change and improve the lives of those most in need in the UK and Ireland,” said Cemal Ezel, CEO and Founder of Change Please.

“Through this collaboration, we are joining forces to demonstrate how companies can come together to make real change and to do good. We hope to inspire others on the transformative potential of corporate social responsibility,” continued Ezel.

Starting from June 2024, consumers will be able to purchase Nespresso for Change Please coffee blends across the Original, Vertuo and B2B systems. In addition, the coffee giant has said that further profits made from a new collection of accessories and nationwide events will also support Change Please’s mission.

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 “By harnessing the positive force of coffee for over twenty years, Nespresso has reestablished and uplifted farming communities around the world through our AAA programme. Today, we are proud to extend this ethos through our partnership with Change Please, supporting its education and employment-first model to empower individuals experiencing homelessness through the transformative potential of a simple cup of coffee,” said Anna Lundstrom, CEO for Nespresso UKI.

“Together we can enrich the lives of both our farmers and the communities in the UK and Republic of Ireland,” concluded Lundstrom.

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