British Nutrition Foundation to launch Healthy Eating Week

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The BNF is launching a new event to encourage people from all ages to improve their health and wellbeing by focussing on five key themes.

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The British Nutrition Foundation has launched its new style annual Healthy Eating Week for 2021, inviting people of all ages and from all walks of life to ‘Find Your Healthier You’.

Taking place from 14-18 June 2021, the BNF says Healthy Eating Week aims to encourage everyone to reflect on their lifestyles and find ways to enhance their own health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on what they eat and drink.

The BNF emphasises that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to a healthy diet and lifestyle and, for Healthy Eating Week 2021, the charity will launch a series of new resources providing information and tools to help people of all ages find their best approach to eating well and keeping active.

“With the challenges we have all faced over the past year, we want to help people re-focus and feel empowered to look after their own health,” said Roy Ballam, Managing Director and Head of Education, British Nutrition Foundation.

“So, through Healthy Eating Week we will provide a range of evidence-based resources and tools to help the nation tackle the barriers that can get in the way of eating well and moving more. We’ve adapted our themes and activities so that schools and workplaces, as well as individuals and families, can get involved – everyone is invited.”

Free to register, Healthy Eating Week attracts thousands of schools and workplaces every year to take part in a range of group-based and individual activities. This year, resources have been created to suit schools, individuals and families, as well as a wide range of workplaces – whether they are in an office, shop or factory, or working from home.

Healthy Eating Week will focus on five daily themes entitled “Know the facts”, “Make a healthier choice”, “Plan for success”, “Be the chef”, and “Keep moving”.

“From portion size and personal tastes, to what routine fits best with our lives, there really is no one size fits all when it comes to healthy eating,” added Ballam.

“In recognition of people’s diverse needs, Healthy Eating Week 2021 will focus on a range of nutrition advice and planning tools, while bringing it all together with helpful cooking tips. We look forward to everyone getting involved in June!”

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