KFC and Pizza Hut in China remove plastic in line with new laws

Posted: 5 January 2021 | | 1 comment

Two of China’s biggest fast-food brands have pledged to stop using things like plastic straws and plastic cutlery in their restaurants.

KFC in China will reduce plastic in its restaurants.

Yum China is the company behind popular fast food brands such as KFC in China

Yum China, the company behind KFC and Pizza Hut in mainland China, announced that it has launched a series of plastic reduction and environmentally friendly packaging initiatives across its brands in line with the country’s latest regulations.

This includes replacing existing plastic packaging with paper straws, paper bags and biodegradable plastic bags. As a result of these initiatives, Yum China says it expects a reduction of approximately 8,000 tons of non-degradable plastics annually starting from 2021.

KFC China recently launched a ‘Be Natural, Be You’ sustainability campaign to raise awareness around sustainability issues within the fast-food industry, as well as to reduce the use of disposable plastic packaging and improve waste sorting.

From January 2021 all KFC restaurants in mainland China will stop using plastic straws and over 90 percent of KFC restaurants will replace disposable plastic cutlery with wooden cutlery for dine-in and takeaway. In addition, the fast-food brand claims non-degradable plastic bags used for delivery and takeaway in over 50 percent KFC restaurants will be replaced with paper bags or biodegradable plastic bags. By the end of 2025, all KFC restaurants will phase out non-degradable plastic bags and cutlery in mainland China.

Similar targets have been set for Yum China’s other big household name, Pizza Hut. As of the end of 2020, the company says that all Pizza Hut restaurants in mainland China have eliminated the use of plastic straws. At the same time, over 70 percent of Pizza Hut restaurants across the country have replaced existing plastic bags with paper bags or biodegradable plastic bags. Pizza Hut will, according to Yum China, eliminate the use of non-degradable plastic bags by the end of 2022.

“The new plastic reduction initiatives reinforce our sustainability strategy to drive meaningful change through packaging innovation and reduction,” said Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China.

“In line with our long-term commitment of supporting economic, social and environmental development, we are committed to working with customers, partners, and all other stakeholders to promote a more sustainable future.”

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One response to “KFC and Pizza Hut in China remove plastic in line with new laws”

  1. Anna Kyriacou says:

    There is no need to eliminate plastics, which are by far the best material to protect our food from contamination and wastage. Plastiphobia is caused by the fact that plastic hangs around for decades if it gets into the environment, but this problem can be solved by upgrading it with oxo-biodegradable technology.

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