UK Dairy Roadmap joins global sustainability initiative

Posted: 26 February 2020 | | No comments yet

This commitment builds on the achievements made by the UK dairy sector, and is said to reaffirm the sectors commitment to reporting sustainability both nationally and globally.

UK Dairy Roadmap joins global sustainability initiative

The UK dairy industry, under the banner of the Dairy Roadmap, has become an aggregating member of the Dairy Sustainability Framework – a global initiative which represents a commitment from signatories to monitor and report data on sustainability in a globally aligned and consistent way.

As aggregating members, The Dairy Roadmap – comprised of Dairy UK, The National Farmers Union (NFU) and the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB)- will join an aligned global network for sustainable dairy. The UK will therefore begin reporting across the Dairy Sustainability Frameworks, on up to 11 sustainability indicators and strategic intents.

“Joining the Dairy Sustainability Framework will ensure that the UK is at the forefront of sustainability reporting globally, and once again shows as a sector we are driving improvements in meeting and measuring sustainability targets,” said Policy and Sustainability Director of Dairy UK, Peter Dawson.

“Signing up to the Dairy Sustainability Framework is important so that British dairy farmers can better understand how we compare environmentally on a global scale,” added NFU Dairy Board chairman, Michael Oakes.

“It is also important that we work together with dairy farmers in other parts of the world to actively improve the dairy industry’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

“Here in the UK, the dairy sector, through the Dairy Roadmap, has made significant progress in its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. Commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency, water usage and waste management on farm are testament to our ambitions.”

Over the coming year, the Dairy Roadmap will implement a process of materiality and priority setting, to deliver a new vision for UK Sustainable Dairy.