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A coalition call to ban nitrites from our meat

13 July 2022 | By

Professor Chris Elliott urges the UK to follow France in a move that would see the use of nitrates – which have been linked to cancer and arguably have no real purpose in production – prohibited in red meats such as bacon.

How do you like your eggs? Safe, thanks

6 July 2022 | By

Following an insightful discussion around crisis management at Food Integrity 2022, Andrew Joret, Chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, highlights the robust food standards on which the Lion scheme is founded.

Will the death of home economics be the death of us?

4 July 2022 | By

An archaic approach to home economics leaves the food and beverage sector vulnerable to disease outbreaks but a new educational curriculum aims to help. Fostering understanding of the biology behind proper hygiene and sanitation in food service kitchens can go a long way towards keeping us healthy.