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Bakery insights for 2022

21 February 2022 | By

BBF Limited's CEO forecasts the hottest trends influencing the bakery market this year, plus an interview with pastry chef come entrepreneur, Tasmin Robinson, on how baking kits will fare post-lockdowns.

New Food Issue 1 2022

18 February 2022 | By

Dry January may no longer be contained to just the first month of the year as alcohol-free choices become more popular. Plus, a look at new genomic techniques, sugar policy and digital twins. All in this issue of New Food!

Should we embrace upcycled food?

11 February 2022 | By

As the need to be 'green' becomes ever more present, New Food’s Editorial Assistant, Abi Sritharan, investigates the challenges and opportunities of using surplus ingredients to create upcycled food products.

Measuring flavonols in tea leaves

11 February 2022 | By

As functionality in food becomes ever more important to consumers, Shimadzu presents the results of a new method for flavonol quantitative analysis in tea leaves.